September 6, 2019

A sunny bank holiday in Brighton

I ended up in Brighton last Saturday which after going to Whitstable means i’m doing a tour of beaches now I guess.

A friend and I arranged it ages ago and then imagine our shock (as Brits) when the weather actually turned out to be amazing!

Brighton in the summer is nice I can tell you that. It was so nice we kept turning around to each other to say “isn’t this nice!”

So what did we get up to?

Fish & Chips on the beach

The train journey from London to Brighton is around an hour and a half so as soon as we smelt the fish and chips, we couldn’t really help ourselves.

Despite wandering past several places selling fish and chips, we opted to splurge on some right on the beach which meant it was fresh and we didn’t have too long a walk to sit down. Plus the Merry Go Round behind us was playing some cracking tunes – a rendition of Queen and ABBA.


I forgot how great fish and chips by the sea is. It’s SO good! Watch out for the seagulls though!

Brighton Pier

I’m a big fan of piers. When I was younger we used to go to Weston Super Mare on a weekend and spend hours on the 2p slot machines.

Brighton Pier is a whole new level.

Not only does it have HUGE rides but it has all of the slot machines and claw machines that you loved as a kid. We tried and failed to win a Winnie the Pooh for ages.

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There’s also a dance machine there – Dancing Stage Euromix!!

The pier also just has a lovely view out to the beach. It was nice to grab an ice cream there and just watch everything going on around you.

Brighton beach

I mean, the whole reason we were there was to be by the sea.

The only thing is, the beach there is pebbles which can become a bit uncomfortable if you’re not willing to splurge on a deck chair. Yes I did not splurge the £3.

Even though it was a bank holiday, we managed to get a good spot on the beach and drink our tins of ciders.

It was so hot I even managed to dip my feet in water.

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If you get a bit bored sitting on the beach for hours (really?!!), there’s lots of things to do such as a zipwire and the British Airways i360.

Brighton Pavilion & The Lanes

Brighton Pavilion is definitely a highlight of a trip to Brighton mainly because it’s so pretty and such an odd choice of building in the location!

Building on the pavilion started in 1787. It was built in three stages as a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales.

Today though it was a retreat for a load of people who wanted to drink in the park.

When we’d seen the pavilion, we headed through the Lanes as I heard there was a brand spanking new Pusheen cafe. And yes there is! And yes it is so ridiculously pink!

Definitely worth a stop though and I hear the ice creams are delicious – we ended up having an ice cream from the pier before we reached the shop otherwise I 100 percent would have bought one.

After a day in the sun – without getting burnt may I add – we decided to head back to London. I’m not sure I was ready to leave though as I definitely could have stayed there overnight. Maybe next time!

And with train tickets as cheap as £12 return, Brighton i’ll be back soon!

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