February 19, 2018

A stopover in Hong Kong

Do you ever go somewhere and feel like it’s not real?

You’d dreamed about going somewhere and now that it’s finally happening, everything just seems bizarre. Just a bit surreal.

I feel this every time I go to Hong Kong since studying there years ago.

Hong Kong was my playground, where I learnt how to be a journalist, how to travel alone and how to make the most of where you are in the world. I miss it so much.

But when i’m back, it’s like i’ve never left. The streets are the same, the food is still delicious and I still manage to navigate my way around without having to get a map out.

Sophie in the Conrad Hotel

The view from my hotel room on the 55F of the Conrad Hong Kong

My most recent trip was a stopover on the way back from Australia.

And quite frankly, I have no idea why I have never done this before because, it felt better leaving Australia because you had something else to go on to and it broke up the trip and made it seem a lot less daunting.

And this time I was there for work! I reviewed a hotel for one of my freelance employees as part of an article i’m writing on what to do during a short time in Hong Kong – i’ll post the link in here as soon as it’s live.

A view from the Peak in Hong Kong

A boat trip in Hong Kong

I stayed at the Conrad in Admiralty and I swear I have never stayed in anywhere as fancy as the Conrad. Not only did they accommodate for every part of my stay – including a personalised Octapus card! They also made sure that I had everything to make the most of my short time in Hong Kong.

And yes, that was the view from my hotel room. I couldn’t believe it. So much so, that I actually slept with the curtains open so that in the morning I could wake up and watch the city wake up with me.

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There’s that surreal feeling again.

Hong Kong harbourside

Hong Kong harbour

I managed to visit Hong Kong at a good time too, as the city was getting ready for Chinese New Year and so everything was decorated with red lanterns and also dogs!!

The following day before getting on the flight was spent doing all of the usual touristy things from the Peak (which was insanely busy) to wandering around Central and Causeway Bay.

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I also stopped by a beautiful cafe in Admiralty that did 3D foam art! They were quite close to closing at the time but still made me a cappuccino with foam in the shape of a dog! It was amazing!

And then my time in Hong Kong came to a close with a trip around the harbour on the Star Ferry while the Symphony of Lights were on.

Even though i’ve lived there, I still love doing all of the usual touristy stuff. I mean how could you not want to see the view from the Peak even on the cloudiest of days?!

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