September 26, 2020

A day out in Cambridge from London

Punting in Cambridge on a trip from London

After a a week-long run of nightshifts I decided to take a day trip. With travel being a bit up in the air at the moment, i’m trying to make the most of my local area and short trips out of the capital. 

One place i’ve been meaning to visit for a while is Cambridge. So I a few weeks ago I woke up and walked down to the train station. Luckily, I picked a good day for it, as it was 34C!

Cambridge is famous for its universities and of course its rivalry with Oxford. But it’s also a really beautiful city that has both history and wide green open spaces. 

I set out to see why so many people love visiting and what there is to see and do. 

What should you do in Cambridge? 


You literally can’t visit Cambridge without going punting – i’m pretty sure it’s a rule. There are plenty of companies that will take you for a one hour tour along the River Cam. 

I took a boat with Scudamore’s. One thing I would say, is that punting is expensive. However you can haggle. I was quoted more than £30 for a seat in the punt but actually managed to haggle them down to £20 which seemed more acceptable. 

During the tour, you’re given information about the universities and the rest of the city’s history. It’s a good way of seeing the schools without paying to go inside them. 

Seeing the green side of the town

A view of King's College from the Backs

As I mentioned earlier, Cambridge is very green. Aside from the main town, the area is filled with open parks and grassy riverbanks. 

My favourite spot was The Backs, which is a walk around the back (funnily enough) of some of the town’s main universities. 

If you walk along The Backs then you can see seven of the city’s universities. 

During the summer months, as it was when I went, you can see people having picnics and drinking tinnies – sounds perfect to me! 

Finding the picture perfect streets

Cambridge has some pretty streets that look like they belong in the Harry Potter films. 

I ended up following an Instagram walk published by Culture Trip. Some of the best streets in the city include All Saint’s Passage, Trinity Lane and Boltoph Lane. 

Be sure to stop by some of the shops including Fudge Kitchen which has some of the best fudge I think i’ve ever had. I ended up buying a load to bring home for my flatmates. 

Exploring some of Cambridge’s pubs

The punter pub in Cambridge

Cambridge has a lot of cracking pubs. Some of the famous ones are: 

Go inside the universities 

When I visited, tourists were unable to visit any of the universities due to the pandemic. However on their website it says that they are slowly looking into reopening for tourists. Not sure how long that is going to take but definitely look it up before visiting just in case some of the schools are reopening. 

How to get from London to Cambridge

London isn’t actually that far from Cambridge. The best way to get from London to Cambridge is by train. I took a train from Kings Cross right to Cambridge without stopping. My journey with Thameslink cost £18. 

The fastest train takes 52 minutes which makes it perfect for a day trip. 

You could also take a coach from Victoria but that takes just over two hours and you have to know what time you’re coming back. 

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  1. Ah this brings back memories! When I lived in Herts and Beds I used to bod off to Cambridge for the day all the time. I miss that quite a lot!

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