September 21, 2017

12 things I realised during my trip to Australia

I’m sat here at 6pm trying to stay awake.

I used to tell people that I never suffer from jetlag, well jetlag finally got me and punched me right bang in the face.

It’s cold and i’m missing the warmth of Australia so I thought i’d reminisce about 12 things I realised during my trip to Australia, both about myself and the country.

#1. I stress too much. I think we all probably realise this when we go on holiday, but honestly when i’m on the move I feel like a completely different person. I’m calm, collected and ready to take on anything.

#2 When you jump into a swimming pool, do it properly. I think I broke my toe. I mean let’s face it, it’s pretty hard to tell if you’ve broken your toe but it hurts, it really bloody hurts. I jumped into the swimming pool on Christmas Day and somehow decided to show the world that gravity really does exist and bashed my big toe right into the side of the pool.

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Adelaide, Australia

#3 Warm Christmas Days are weird. This was my second and it never gets normal. Sitting in your swimming costume on Christmas Day eating turkey is just plain strange.

#4 Australia is really pretty. I don’t know why but I forget just how pretty every time. My recent trip to Western Australia really reminded me just how incredible the landscape is in the country.

#5 Tim Tams are better than Penguins. I think that’s all that needs to be said. But seriously Australia….well done.

#6 Australians live most of their life outdoors and it is awesome. Beers outside in the esky, pizzas cooked on barbeques. You got this basking in the sun thing down Australia.

#7 Casino themed murder mystery parties are awesome. My aunt had one for her birthday and it was SO MUCH FUN.

#8 There’s nothing better than the heat of the sun and the sound of crashing waves. 

Sydney, Australia

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#9 Qantas international flights = bad. Qantas domestic flights = wonderful. I’ve flown Qantas internationally a few times and it’s always basic and the food is horrific. But Qantas domestically was a joy. The cabin crew were the friendliest, drinks were flowing and it was an all round good time.

#10 Cotton On is the greatest clothes store known to man. Awesome clothes for really cheap prices. $10 hats, tshirts, shorts is generally an all round win.

#11 SCHNITZELS. Are just wonderful.

#12 Quokkas are the cutest animals on the planet. Just watch the video and see.

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