February 26, 2018

10 reasons you should visit China

I lived in China for almost three years and I can honestly say that while it has its ups and downs, it’s a fantastic country to visit.

When many people think of China, they think of the Great Wall and smoggy Beijing.

This is so far from the truth that i’ve decided to put together this list on why you should visit China.

1. You can see a wonder of the world

I know I just said there’s more to China than the Great Wall, but you can’t not visit it during a trip to the Middle Kingdom.

The Great Wall of China

Yes. Well if you go to China you have to stop by the Great Wall!

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2. The food is delicious

Thanks to its location right bang in the middle of Asia there are influences from all 14 of China’s border countries. From the tasty to the weird you’ve got to try it all!

Even the cockroaches on a stick!

3. The people are friendly and love talking to you

A temple in China

No matter where you are in the country, people want to talk to you and find out where you’re from and why you’re here.

They’re inquisitive and always want to help you out when you need it. And it’s always good to make new friends.

4. There is so much history to learn

Beijing's Forbidden City

China’s history can be very confusing but mostly it’s fascinating. I find myself learning something new about the country every day.

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5. There are so many festivals to tick off the bucket list

Harbin Ice festival

From Harbin ice Festival to Qingdao Beer festival, there’s something for everyone.

Harbin really needs to be done. It’s beautiful and there’s such a great atmosphere!

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6. It’s not just about the big cities. Mountain climbing and hiking here is epic

The view from Hua Shan mountain

China has heaps of mountains just waiting to be explored.

And what’s even better? The view of the stars at night are truly amazing – something  you wouldn’t have expected from smoggy China eh?!

7.  It’s the home of Kung Fu

Does anything else need to be  said? In fact you can visit Shaolin temple and see the young monks in training and watch them put on a show. There is also the option to train and live with them – only for the hard core Kung Fu enthusiasts!

8. Travelling around is easy and cheap

Train travel in China

China is a great destination to visit on a budget. Taking a train from one side of the country is fairly inexpensive and the hostels are a bargain even in Beijing and Shanghai. And if you’re more of a hotel person, the chains in China are a fraction of the price of those in Europe.

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9. The language is amazing and the locals love it when you say a few words

Street scene in Beijing

Mandarin which is the most spoken language in the country is a beautiful language and one that I feel is important.

Even if you just say Ni Hao to a local they love it and appreciate your efforts.

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10. You can see a panda!

Chengdu panda

Pandas are strange animals. My mum always says they look like men in suits – i’m not sure about that one! In Chengdu you can even cuddle up to one if you fancy! (A panda that is…. not a man in a suit

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And so there you are. 10 reasons to come to China……as if you needed that already!

Are there any that i’ve missed? What’s your favourite part about China? Let me know!

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